Meditation: Tibetan Bowls, 417HZ, 528HZ

I’m doing fine lately, but just as a river, I have a quiet stream, but also some rough
water to deal with. I find it hard to stay in a positive vibe. Blame it on bad sleep,
chronic depression, ADHD, people around me, being out of a job and getting rejected
for the simplest of jobs. I can blame the world for that matter, but it won’t help me get
me out of my funk. On the contrary, it will keep me in the negative vibe and I will feel
worse by the day. And I know how that feels.

So today I thought “how can I get myself out of my “meh””, so I went on a search and
found this meditation and tried it out. Okay, the duration of the mediation is over an
hour, so I started for 12:51 minutes and I will continue it until I’m done. And I think
I will do this meditation more often. Sit relaxed on a chair, both feet on the ground
and watch the screen, because some good messages will appear. Enjoy.


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