Let there be light!

As soon as the sun shines, I want to be outside. I’m aware that I need
to be outside every day, but it’s a big motivation if the sun is smiling
upon me. I’m one of those people that gets depressed if winter stays
too long, or the weather is “bleh” far too long.
I also have a vitamine D insufficiency, so I will visit a tanning bed,
when the sun is taking a longer sabbatical and I will feel better in
a jiffy.

So the benefits of light:
– it makes you happy! Serotonin will drop if you’re not getting
enough light (sunlight or daylight) it will get you depressed
– it makes you active! Light gives you energy, but make sure it’s
warm or natural light. Bright light as in a office will make you
feel terrible after a while. So if light makes you active, a lack of
light will make you feel sleepy and lame. Yes, when you need to
go to sleep, shut down all electronics with bright light at least an
hour before you go to sleep so your brain can shut down naturally
– Natural light puts everything in balance. It sounds strange, but if
you see a wall in your home in daylight, or in bright artificial light
so see a difference. Bright light makes things more intense and
realize that that’s not always a good thing.

So my advise, go and feed yourself with as much sunlight as you
can get and be happy! Does it work? Of course it does!


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