Meditation app: Insight timer

I meditated every day, most at the time in the evening, before going
to sleep. At first I’d use Youtube video’s, apps or just nothing at all.
Curious as I am I tried a lot of apps, sound apps with vacuum-,
bird-, rain-, traffic- and sea sounds, Just a bell sound so you know
when to stop and affirmation apps. The last finding is this app,
Insight Timer and I’m lyrical.

Make a profile and start, it’s for free.
You can choose for just the timer function. Choose a bell or a
knock and the time you want to meditate and it will ring when
your done. You can also choose for a sound to go with the
meditation, such as sea, river, guitar or mantra. Some of them are
free, but you pay 1,24 euros for I think 4 sounds.

You can also choose for guided meditations. A big database filled
with meditations from all over the world, from all sorts of people.
I really enjoy that function! Does it work? Totally!
Choose for ” loving yourself” or “regression” or “silence” or
“mindfulness” or or.. you catch my drift. Funny thing, you can see
all the people meditating at the same time as you do and you can
thank them too. You can also make friends or join groups.
How awesome is this app! Namaste.


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