Ommigod, I found a new addition to stuff to make me feel better;
A Flowee. No it’s not a floating devise, it’s a bed of nails.
Yes, a bed of plastic, Lotus shaped nails and I have to confess,
the first time I laid down on it I couldn’t stand the pain after just
two minutes. But after a while of doing crunches 🙂 I became
at ease with the feeling. Sounds strange, but you embrace
the pain and it turns into pleasure. This is an action shot of my
back and neck after 20 minutes of laying on the mat. I have to say
standing up after 20 minutes is still a bit painful as the spikes have
set into your skin and the mat sticks to your back. And after my
meditation, you still feel the spikes in your back. The whole principal
of the nails is Pressure point and massage. Blood circulation will run
better and you have to relax or else you will not be able to stay on it.


I’m using the mat for two days now, I borrowed it first from a
good friend of mine, because I was afraid it would not be my
cup of tea and I don’t want to waste money. But I will buy one
for sure and yes, It works really well.


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