The enemy that visits me every month, yes every month. Sometimes I can have a
Migraine free party after 3 days, but sometimes, like right now, I’m having migraines
for a week. I have to say that I don’t have to stay in bed with the blinds closed for
a week, I do take heavy migraine painkiller to keep me standing and some days
the migraine is a small version of the ones that kill you (figure of speech of course)
I’m having a “I can cope with it” migraine today

I do feel dizzy for a week, my left side of my body is starting to fall off. Tingly
sensation in my arm and fingers, pain in my neck, my ear area, my temple,
behind my left eye and my left shoulder and I have to keep my head as still as
possible. Not to mention that I’m yawning as a uninterested adolescent,
I’m tired of course, grumpy and I feel like a dog that lost his favorite toy…

Well what to do about it except eating painkillers? (I do when it’s unbearable)
Don’t keep the migraine in your head, sounds stupid, but thinking about my
migraine the entire day is not helping me at all. Okay, when I’m having a big attack
it’s impossible to not think about it, it’s exploding your head! But when it’s a nagging’
pain I press my mute button, my ignore button. It works for me.

You can try this:
Does it work? Yes.

Or this:
Does it work? I have to say it reliefs my pain. I put it on while showering, not too loud,
because sound isn’t my best friend when having a migraine

Stay away from tiresome people, put on sunglasses (you look cool when the sun isn’t
shining) Some say stay away from some kinds of food, but one says eat chocolate,
the other says don’t. So because I don’t know what is true and I do have migraines
when it’s “the time of the month” I can’t forbid myself to eat chocolate and cookies.

Well if anyone has some ideas that work for them, please let me know 🙂


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