Getting a Tattoo

Okay, about three years ago I had my first tattoo placed on my wrist.
I needed something what would give me strength, because I ended up
in full blown Burn out depression mode. I’m a big fan of gaming my
whole life so I got the three hearts from Zelda, two of them red and
one half red, half empty. Even after many obstacles in my life, I’m
still standing strong.

So after three years I decided it was time to celebrate my progress in
life, overcoming my burn out and depression as good as it’s possible,
I have to say, I’m still struggling every day. And I got a monkey face,
on the inside of my lower arm. Much bigger than the first one so it
took four hours to be finished, instead of one hour.

It’s meditation in it’s purest form…When I see my tattoos I see them
as trophies. Because those times I won the battle with my head and
went with my feelings.


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